Submitting Articles, Various Tips on Writing Articles With High Quality Content

Sharing value with others turn out to be by far the most outstanding ways to connect with others, grow your Personal Value Level as a leader and get targeted leads for you main business. However, Even when the technological innovation today makes it less difficult to get your article content out on the web, writing articles with quality content still remains a true challenge. Take into account if you are one of those network marketers ready to work to get worthwhile end result, never allowing yourself get tempted to take shortcuts to get it done. If your answer is a resounding yes, than I would encourage you to follow these 3 tips I have set up for you. 1. Make sure to stay clear about the why you are creating an article. The primary reason for creating an article should always be with the purpose to inform and educate your subscribers. Failing to comply with this would leave your article writing with virtually no added benefit because no one will be induced to read it. On the flip side doing a good job at writing an article with quality content will provide you with secondary benefits that we as marketers are in the end looking for: *Brand yourself as a desirable leader to follow *Generate high quality and targeted leads *Sign up more people into your business. For sure these are enough good reasons to never lose focus when it comes to create good content to get people to read your article. 2. At all times pay attention to how to help your reader by being a problem solver. Most people read basically because they want to gain knowledge but underlying their reading is always a stronger purpose: “How can I benefit from what I am reading, how is this article going to help me with this problem I am dealing with? In your article writing give them solutions and guide them to how overcome a certain problem and how to end up better in whatever they are going to do. Addressing a concern today with an article you wrote will have them come back for more of what you have to offer. 3. Make the necessary actions to fully benefit from your article writing. It is no secret that a huge number of network marketers are writing articles for the benefit of generating leads, to build a list to which they can continue to offer their products right now but also in the future. Which network marketer doesn’t look forward to getting their personal written article ranked on the first page of GOOGLE, YAHOO or BING? writing articles and get it on the first page of these top search engines like GOOGLE is an absolute boost for any serious network marketer. We are aware of that getting back-links to your site performs the magic, but there is work to be done as of carefully selecting your keywords and strategically placing them in your article. The quality of your work will surely put you in front of publishers with a large number of potential customers and this will get you the so desired exposure. Don’t ever be happy with just the generation of leads in general, but intend as much as possible for targeted quality leads. Target them with quality article marketing and watch more quality leads join your list that will really convert into sales. So, as a recap: At all times write an article with the main intention to educate people,always try to help other marketers answer their concrete marketing problems and take time to put a good written article together with specifically keywords which will help you rank high on search engines. In a next article I will be handling ways to get your material out on as many directories possible and how to take advantage of back links. Published at:

Build Your Coaching Business With Articles – Seven Steps to Write 100 Articles in 100 Days

Articles are one of several tools that I use for myself and my client to begin building assets that cause their business to become highly profitable. It’s important that you develop the right perspective on articles to get maximum impact. Consider articles as the raw material for “asset building” – product creation, list building, book writing, etc for your coaching business. The more you write the more valuable your business becomes. Next to regularly posting in your self-hosted blog, publishing articles with your coaching message, to your ideal client is one of the most powerful daily activities you can do for your business. Following are seven steps to quickly publish 100 articles in 100 days to establish yourself as an expert in your ideal marketplace. 1. Plan – Most people never plan to fail, they just fail to plan. Begin with the end in mind. When you are done with your 100 Day Challenge what topics do you want covered and discussed in your articles? This is a really good place to do a “Seven Tip Article”. Create an outline of the 7 areas of your business that you could elaborate on in your articles. These 7 areas will become the basis for your 100 articles. Each of the 7 areas will be topics that you will write about. 2. Pattern – I find that using article templates has been one of the most powerful tools that I use for creating articles or blog posts. I find that my mind delivers the information to me quicker if I have a pattern to follow. What am I talking about? For example if I start with a “3 mistakes” articles my mind quickly identifies 3 common mistakes that I observe in my marketplace. Then I ask my self the power 5 questions – Who , What, When, Where, Why, How… to develop the content for each of the 3 mistakes. 3. Schedule – It’s really important to schedule the time to write your articles. Put it on your calendar just like you would any other important appointment. What is your freshest, most creative time of day? 4. Implement – Start with the 7 tips article to discover the areas I want to write articles about. Identify the templates that I want to use for expanding the content to turn each of the 7 tips in to additional articles. Show up for the appointments that I have scheduled for yourself. If you have a partner or accountability group they can help you stay on target. 5. Partner – A challenge group, or another coach as an accountability partner is great for holding you accountable. Post your progress weekly with links to your published articles. Invite your challenge group to comment on your articles, and tweet your progress – especially those in the group that share the same market. 6. Feedback & Measure-ability – One of the most powerful motivators for me is checking my stats to see how many views my articles are getting and how many readers click through on my resource box link. Watching those number rise daily is great positive feedback. And, watching my subscribers numbers increase daily is really motivating. I also love it when I publish an article and then tweet the title and link, then watch my followers re-tweet for me – and then the article views & visitors clicking through increase and subscribers come rolling in. I am measuring my article effectiveness and providing myself with motivating feedback. 7. Make Plans to Re-purpose your Articles – Each article you write is potentially many other things from tele-seminars, workbook, and ebook. Consider how you will re-purpose each of your 100 articles. You could potentially have 10 times the material by the time you complete your challenge. Don’t be surprised if you end up with much more than 100 articles. You will * have a much stronger voice that your marketplace will identify with. * discover what your not interested in writing about as it applies to your market * refine and expand on what you are interested in writing about * and many other unexpected benefits. Published at:

How to Write Profitable Articles – Discover 3 Steps to Writing Successful Articles

Do you want to increase your profits by using online articles? Here’s how you can learn from the experts, and copy their success. Here’s what you need to do: 1. Know your product. Find your nitche or product you are interested in selling, and “know” your product. Research everything about it. You can’t sell something or write about something if you don’t know anything about it. 2. Decode Articles. Before you do anything and blindly start writing articles you need to know how to do it first. What better way to be successful than to learn from someone else who is already there. I’ll use ezine articles for example. Go to the expert author’s link and look over the top authors’ article’s and write down notes and similarities between that authors’ articles. The author writes his/her articles the same way every time because it works. Find out how they pick their title, and what their summary consists of, and how their article body is laid out. a. Title. Look at the title, because you don’t get a second first impression. The title will get someone to read or not to read. Always capitalize the first letter of each word. One author uses numbers in alot of his titles, for example: Discover (5) Ways To Make Money On The Internet; or Uncover (3) Steps To Improve Your Heath. Use a good “action” word that indicates what happens if they read the article, for example: “DISCOVER” 5 way to make money on the internet.”; or “REVEAL” 3 steps to improve your heath.” People like this because its simple, to the point, and easy to read and understand. And it just sounds and looks cool for a title. b. Body. If your title says, “5 ways” or “3 Steps”, exe. in your title, then list them all in your article step-by-step, and explain each step, straight to the point. Find out the best average article word count because to little, will explain nothing and to much words will get boring and pointless. You want to be in the 400-500 word count range for this example of internet marketing. Your beginning paragraph should ask a question the reader has, and/or a statement about that particular thing your writing about, for example, “Do you want to know the best ways to make money on the internet” or “If you want the best ways to stay healthy, then here’s how. Then you would list and explain your steps in your body as the solution. 3. Write Articles and Post Your Link. At the bottom of your article in the reference column, put your bio and your link that you want people to click on to buy your product. For example, Write, “If you want to know more about increasing your profits “click here.” Write your own article in your own words, but use this article and the successful experts’ article’s you choose to decode as “blueprints.” Learn how they write articles and what they do the same in each of their articles so you can do it for all of your articles. If you write Good articles, people will read and want to click on your link. Writing tons of bad articles won’t get you anywhere. Published at:

Choosing the Best Organic Products For Best Afro Hair Styles

Celebrities such as Halle Barry have created style resurgence in the stylish wearing of an afro hair style. From an all-natural afro to a styled and shaped afro, black women have several choices to bring this traditional hairstyle to their everyday life. Getting such kind of natural look that a fro hairstyles brings in might look like an easy style option but in reality, requires maintenance of the hair and upkeep. Opting all natural products brings in the organic ingredients such as shea and even mango butters, rich African spa clay, and penetrative oils to your hair in order to allow the afro hair style to shine through. When your hair is manageable, shiny, and smooth; you could feel as well as look great with an afro hair style. Making use of the internet to look out for many different afro hair style techniques can be a fun experience. From hair-styling websites with posted pictures to celebrity postings presenting the most current afro hair styles, there are a wide range of options on the internet. Explore all those choices even before approaching your salon about new styling options. Looking at photographs of afro hair styles which appeal to you on other women can assist you choose a new style or find new ways to take care of your existing afro style. Changing the curl concentration and tightness can be a simple option as well. Check on-line websites and even our features for further ideas and even product descriptions as well. Online options to insert a picture of your face beneath a hairstyle can give you further ideas on how a particular style might just work with your facial structure. Don’t get stuck on one particular celebrity’s afro hair style though. Work with your stylist to develop a hairstyle that will work with your facial structure as well as time constraints as well. Integrating accessories into the hair style is one more way to add focus and attention to the natural hair style. The damaging effects of the environment, styling products as well as appliances can work against a stylish afro. The up-keep of such a style is dependent on how well you keep your hair moisturized. Use organic products wherever possible, ingredients which work with the balance of natural hair providing all the nutrients without the chemical build- up. Integrating accessories into the hair style is one more way to add focus and attention to the natural hair style. The damaging effects of the environment arises when the styling products and the appliances can work against the stylish afro. The up-keep of such a style is dependent on how well you keep your hair moisturized. Use organic products wherever possible, components which work with the balance of natural hair providing all the nutrients without the chemical build- up. Are you looking for organic hair products for curly hair? Don’t know where to find a perfect one? Then, just logon to and select from a range of organic hair products made exclusively for curly hair. Published at:

Afro American Dating – A Guide To The Online Websites Publishe

Are you an afro-american person? Do you seek that special someone? This article will try making it easy for you in getting an on-line date. I will try to underline some of the ups and downs in on-line dating; why should you and why shouldn’t you try this type of dating. Is it O.K.? What’s the difference between initial eye contact across a crowded room and an email via a busy dating website? Perhaps less than you think. The bottom line: you can be as wrong – or right – about someone you slap eyes on in a bar as you can online. And your instincts will still be the only guiding force when it comes to weeding out the lovers from the losers. Fate certainly ensures that we kiss a few frogs before coming up trumps with a Prince – however we meet him. So, as a conclusion, if you want to try on-line dating, go right ahead, because, love can hit you from all the different places. Just in case you decide to sign up with an online dating agency, here are a few web sites where you can do this, and a few details about them. is your space to meet people in your community, express yourself, and find information that reflects our cultures and our perspectives. Here you can find all kind of things from games to forums and news. But the main topic of this site are the afro-american dates. Not like any other dating site, they offer a Scientific Personality Profile Analysis. Using their test you will discover yourself as well as be able to identify your desired match. The service will pick up your true compatible match, or so they say. There you can find automated match finder, which will do the work for you. As there are thousands of members just now and just as many joining all the time, keeping up with potentially suitable matches can be time-consuming. All you need to do is give CyberCupid your match criteria and it will scout the database for you on a regular basis. When it finds a match, you will be notified by e-mail or by SMS if you have upgraded to the full service Black Dating is Free at Love.Org Love is the newest and best Black Dating site with ZIP code lookup, large photos & slide show. With the “Mutual Interest” feature, you can rate your level of interest in each member whose profile you review, and members are automatically notified if you are interested. To start, simply create an account and enter a search criterion. Your search patterns can be saved, you can return at any time to resume your search. A great place for black singles to interact with each other, and talk about religion, work, sports, life, relationship, and more by offering valuable services to all the single friends in your city and around the world. You can view dynamic, informative personal profiles of other members! Free registration! Published at:

How Article Marketing is Significantly Increasing My Income (Part 4 of 5)

Following is Part 4 of my case study on article marketing. Specifically, I’m studying the following topic – in detail: Article Marketing – Does It Work, Or Not?

My desire is to create more passive income. An overworked freelancer, I decided to give article marketing a REAL try, as I’d read so much about it. Following are more of the sites I’m consistently submitting articles to. I chose them because they had good PR and Alexa rankings.

For explanations of these, as well as details on the beginning of the experiment, see the 10/26/06 post on

16. This directory has a PR rank of 4 and an Alexa rank of 201,965.

You must create an author account to submit. According to the announcement on their site, they recently underwent an overhaul and the wait time to approve an article is less than 24 hours.

This is not the case with my articles. To date, they’ve approved 2 of the 8 I’ve submitted. Considering that some sites can take up to 4 weeks to approve an article though – I’m not complaining.

No article stats are provided here. So again, get out your article tracking log sheet.*

17. This directory has a PR rank of 4 and an Alexa rank of 38,666.

This site has extensive category listings.

I had to smile when I read their submission guidelines because I wrote a couple of articles explaining why I believe that longer articles sell better. On article length, they state: An article length between 700 to 2500 words is desirable. Finally, somebody gets it!

This site is easy to navigate and once you create an author account, you can start submitting multiple articles immediately. Article stats and a tracking feature are also provided.

As an aside, being African American, I like that they have categories which focus on “Afro Issues” among the other categories you’d find at any article submission site. When I ran my ethnic online crafts business, I had a hard time finding enough outlets to submit articles to, so it’s nice to see someone has recognized this void.

18. ImpactArticles: This directory has a PR rank of 4 and an Alexa rank of 189,006.

You don’t need to create an author account to submit here. I tried to use their form to submit, but it didn’t work. So, I sent them the article via email, as advised on their site (eg, when the form doesn’t work).

This is a no-frills site (no tracking features, feeds or article stats provided). The only reason I chose this site is that it is updated daily and I recognized a couple of names of authors who have done well in Internet marketing (ie, Charlie Cook and Willie Crawford).

Google either of these names and you’ll see what I mean. I figured if their articles are there, then it’s a good place for mine to be.

19. This directory has a PR rank of 4 and an Alexa rank of 56,670.

You need to create an author account to submit. I’m a bit perplexed at this directory because I’ve submitted 8 articles here and according to my account, only one is showing up.

The others seem to have disappeared. Usually a site will tell you if an article is pending, or if there are problems that need to be addressed before it is published – nothing here. Just one article that was published on 10/19, which means it’s probably the first one I submitted.

HTML Note: This site uses what I call “alternative code” for common elements (bold, ital, underline, etc.). Eg, instead of *b*BOLD*/b* for bold, it uses *strong*BOLD*/strong*. This is the only site I encountered to use this type of coding.

I’m bummed that I’m going to have to go back and submit to this site. I really like their setup and the overall feel of the site – not to mention their very good rankings.

20. This directory has a PR rank of 5 and an Alexa rank of 200,721.

This is not a directory site. It describes itself as “The online magazine for modern mothers with traditional values…. See explanation below as to why I submitted articles here.

By the way, no need to create an account to submit here – they have an article submission form that you use.

When It’s a Good Idea to Use Lower-Rated Directories and Websites

Targeted Marketing: As I explained at the beginning of this experiment, I chose directories/sites based on their PR and Alexa rankings.

But, as you may have noticed, some of these sites are not exactly “top-rated.” So, why did I submit to them? Because they spoke directly to the audience I’m trying to reach.

This may sound a little elementary, but in the interest of educating, it is always more important to reach 100 people who fit your target market than 1,000 who do not.

Eg, While its Alexa ranking is below the much desired 100,000 or lower range, it speaks directly to an audience who show a great interest in my product (e-books on freelance writing – again, if I can ever find time to get them on Clickbank!).

So, as you prepare to market, write down the who, what, where, when and why as it pertains to your target market. Eg, who and/or what are they, where are they, when are they there and why are they there?

Answers to these questions will give you a pretty clear picture of where and how to market your product/service.

Article Marketing Tips Learned from This On-Going Case Study

a. Submit to the head of the directory: What do I mean by this? Many directories have sub-categories. Eg, a main heading might be “Writing & Speaking.” Under this you may find article marketing, e-book publishing, copywriting, etc.

From my article stats (where provided), I’ve noticed that the articles submitted under the main heading (eg, Writing & Speaking) get read more than those under the sub-headings.

I can only guess that many people don’t know exactly what they’re looking for, so will search under a main category heading first. As most surfers flit from article to article, they may never get around to clicking through to sub-categories.

Article directory owners may disagree with this, or move your article to a sub-category, but unless/until they say otherwise, I would submit under main category headings first.

b. Submit a series of articles: Over the last month and a half, including this series on article marketing, I’ve written two more series (eg, Part 1 of 2).

I don’t know if it was the topic or not (my topics focused on ways for freelancers to make more money), but articles as part of a series are getting more reads in a shorter period of time than single articles. They are also picked up by more e-zine publishers.

Mind you, this is a very limited study and a very narrow topic. Much more analysis over a longer period of time would need to be done to make definitive conclusions.

I’m just tossing out info as I notice it. If you can lend any insight into any of these observations, please do so. I’m as anxious to know as anyone.

c. Go minute! What do I mean? Give as much detail as possible. With online marketing being so competitive, implementing even the smallest change can mean a big return.

Readers pick up on and dissect the smallest details. In my opinion, this is extremely helpful because something that you might not think of as important could be the “clue that breaks the case wide open.”

Shake, Shake, Shake My Moneymaker!

My earnings are up a bit to almost 3 times overall what I was making (per day) before I started this experiment.

*Article Tracking Log Sheet: After this experiment ends, I will be doing a final, in-depth case study analysis. Along with this, I will provide an article tracking log sheet I fashioned to keep track of where I submitted articles.

Stay tuned for Part V tomorrow.

May be reprinted with the following, in full: Yuwanda Black is the publisher of THE business portal for and about the editorial and creative industries. First-hand freelance success stories, e-courses, job postings, resume tips, advice on the business of freelancing, and more! Launch a Profitable Freelance Writing Career in 30 Days or Less — Guaranteed! Log on to to learn how.

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Content Syndication – Why You Should Not Syndicate Your Article To 1000s Of Directories

Many online business owners realize that writing and submitting articles to content syndication sites are a great way drive traffic to their web sites and increase link popularity. They don’t realize that submitting to thousands of them may have a negative affect on their promotional efforts.

Top 3 reasons not to mass distribute your articles

1. Duplicate content

Distributing your article to many directories means it gets duplicated all over the Net. You have no control over the type of people that get your content from the directory then use it on their blog, web site or ezine. You may receive unwanted links from spam blogs and trash web sites. This will hurt your rankings in the search engines and therefore affect your profits.

2. Not all directories are created equal

New article directories spring up everyday with the hope of making money. They place AdSense ads all over the article pages thus diluting the effectiveness of your content. Many of these directories are not monitored. They accept any kind of article, don’t check it for quality thus leaving it full of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

3. No strict editorial guidelines

A directory created and monitored by a single owner won’t be able to oversee the quality of articles submitted. The standard of measuring the quality of an article directory is They have a large staff that continuously monitors all submissions. They are always working on improving their web site to make help publishers get more traffic from their content and they immediately reject articles that don’t follow their editorial guidelines.

How to determine what directories to submit to

Here is an image showing an ordered list of the top 26 article directories based on their Google page rank and alexa rating.

Content Syndication – Why you shouldn’t syndicate your article to 1000s of directories

These 2 resources do not accurately reflect the traffic of a page however it still indicates the directory worth submitting to. A web site with a high alexa ranking means it is getting tons of traffic. A link from this type of directory is much more valuable than one which has a low ranking (less traffic and therefore less link reputation).

Top 26 article directories

Ezine Articles

Go Articles

Article Dashboard

Search Warp

Articles Base


Self Growth


Article City

Idea Marketers

Article Alley


Self SEO


Article Trader

Search Guild

Web World Index

Article Sphere

Business Know How

Promotion World

Articles Factory

Excellent Guide

Content Desk

Article Cube

Afro Articles

Article Biz


Submit your article to the top 5 directories first then if you have extra time submit it the remaining ones. Don’t just rely on this method of article marketing but extend your audience by placing the article on your web site, blog, newsletter, ezine and/or convert it to audio, video, ebook or report.

Herman Drost is the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW)
owner and author of Web Design, SEO, Hosting

Receive fresh, in-depth articles articles on how
to design, optimize and promote your web site by subscribing
to his”Marketing Tips” newsletter at:

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Simple Tips That Will Make Afro Hair Grow

African American hair has the distinction of being difficult to grow. This is inaccurate. The problem with growing a black mane is that the remedies and treatments often used rely too much on commercial hair products. These afro hair grow products often tend to do more harm than good. So in this article I will share certain tips that will help make a black mane grow fast.

When trying to grow afro hair, you should relax it every 4 weeks or so. If you do it more than this, it could cause breakage and do more damage to your hair than necessary.

Another way to make afro hair grow is to not wear braids. If the braids are too tight there will be hair loss due to the tightening and pulling on the hair.

Putting the least amount of stress on your hair is important if you want to make afro hair grow faster. If you decide to relax it use the most effective relaxer that will put the least amount of stress and damage on your hair. Women are finding though, if they relax their manes and wear braids at the same time, they will end up with thinner, weaker tresses. In order to compensate create a routine of using a moisturizing shampoo (avoid those with alcohol content, these lead to breakage), deep conditioning and hot oil treatments weekly.

For every day styling, use a leave in conditioners or pomade. Never use heavy greases like petroleum jelly on your mane as they will block the pores and can cause hair loss.

Another way to grow black hair is to keep it “un-relaxed.”. An un-relaxed mane, will give you the longest and strongest natural growing hair possible. Using the simplest care possible and the least amount of product on your tresses is the fastest way to grow a healthy mane.

Dreadlocks are also good way to make afro hair grow. Your tresses seem to grow faster with them and this could be because the hair you normally shed is often trapped inside giving your mane a longer look.

One of the best products on the market today for encouraging afro hair to grow is called Mira Oil. The product is all natural, containing natural oils and herbs which promote growth as well as encourage the development of new hair follicle development. Apply the oil onto the scalp and massage it in. allow the oil to sit in for 30 minutes and then wash out!

Take prenatal pills to help make afro hair grow! Prenatal pills provide all the vitamins and minerals you need for the development of a healthy mane!

Follow these simple, steps and no matter the state of your afro hair it will grow healthy, strong and longer

Discover The fastest ways to Make Afro Hair Grow. Download my free book that shows you how to get Longer, Thicker and Faster Growing Hair []

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Basics of Afro Brazilian Capoeira

Perhaps you are familiar with the Afro Brazilian martial art of Capoeira. You can envision the circle of fighters, all clad in white, with a band playing strange sounding instruments embedded within it. In the center of the circle, two figures dance and spin, moving in time with the beat, fluid and graceful, performing something that is part acrobatics, part dance, part fight. Spinning kicks are launched faster and faster, each coming within a hair’s breadth of the opponent, but both wheel in time and in perfect synchronicity such that nobody is touched, nobody is hurt. This is capoeira, the traditional Brazilian fighting style, and in this article I’m going to discuss the fundamentals of its practice.

A fundamental part of capoeira is the music. It sets the tempo and style of the game, and is composed with instruments and song. Many of the songs are sung in call and response form, so that the whole circle is joined in making the music. The instruments are called the ‘bateria’, and the rhythm is set by the ‘berimbau’, which is a stringed instrument that looks like a musical bow and is plucked at with a stick. Other instruments are the tambourines, rasps, a double gong bell, and a conga-like drum. Depending on the style of song and the speed at which the music plays, the players will adjust their style, and so the music can truly be considered to be the heart of the game.

Everybody forms a circle called a ‘roda’ (hoh-dah). The reason for its circular shape is so that the contestants within remain focused on the game, and can spin and turn about each other without hitting the watchers, who clap and sing and play the musical instruments. The entrance to the ring is located directly before the bacteria, and it is at this point that the players enter the circle to being playing. The size of the ring varies depending on the number of people present, but is usually no smaller than 3 meters in diameter. The circle represents the world, and the players within it are playing as much against each other as they are against themselves, which is where much of the philosophy behind capoeira begin.

It needs to be stated that the point of a capoeira game is not to beat your opponent, or injure him, but rather to demonstrate skill. A player will often demonstrate a strike, or the potential for one, without completing it, thus showing their mastery. If an opponent cannot avoid a slow attack, there is no need to use a fast one.

Players will sway back and forth, demonstrating both rhythm in their ability to follow the music, and acrobatic and athletic skill in playing with their opponent. This natural grace and movement is called ‘ginga’ (Jeen-gah) and is fundamental to capoeira. The basic movement involves moving one foot forward and backward so as to describe a triangle on the floor, this movement sets up further combinations from there. Attacks are primarily composed of sweeps, kicks, and head strikes, while a number of evasive and acrobatic maneuvers such as cartwheels, handstands, headstands, headspins, hand springs and the like can be used.

If you’re interested in learning about how to blend capoeira with dance and calisthenics to acquire a lean, toned body, including the best way to perfect your booty, check out the Brazil Butt Lift Workout, and learn about everything from specific details on each workout to the nutrition guide, from the secrets of TriAngle Training to what kind of butt you might have. Check out the Brazilian Butt Lift workout homepage today!

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My Top Ten Article Sites

Article Marketers Dream..

Competing for popularity amongst the World Wide Web is not an easy task and that’s putting it lightly. In fact it’s a very tedious thing to do yet as with anything, there are some that are better than others. It could be for any number of reasons that could include a popular product or person or even discussion. Whatever the case may be, here is a list of the top ten articles sites in order of views weekly.

10. BMW Life Style World
The stats are modest at an average of just under 1.7 million views a week, just reading about a luxury vehicle like a BMW is enough to keep people reading and coming back for more.

9. Physical Fitness Articles
Whether or not you actually take what you read into action is an entirely different story. This still does not stop an average of 1.9 million people looking for advice on how to get those beach bodies.

8. Article Vista
In a world in which everyone has something to say, 1.9 million people are looking for forums in which they can say it, for free. Article Vista allows you to do so in just about any subject that you can think of.

7. Article -Buzz/Free Articles Directory for Authors and Publishers
Anyone who writes content of any sort is always looking for a stage in which to hopefully lead to some sort of distribution. 3 million people look for their chance here.

6. Muzik Downloads
Contrary to popular belief, Hollywood is not the biggest as far as the film industry is concerned. Hands down, it belongs to Bollywood. 3.5 million people log on and blog about it.

5. Political Articles.Net
Left wing, right wing, democrats and republicans alike all want the news fast and they want to be able to share their opinions of it. That’s why 3.8 million people visit this site every week.

4. Afro Articles
Look at it as a freeware in the world of website content. And apparently it works. Why else would just fewer than 7.5 million people visit?

3. SEO Top Web Directory
Pretty self-explanatory here, its free web directory. 8.3 million use it.

2. Online Earnings Article Board
Looking to publish your articles for free? So are 11.9 million other people.

1. Free Content Encyclopedia
Imagine, you never have to come up with new original content for your website. It’s all there for you. Well that why its blows everyone else out of the water with a whopping 144 million views weekly.

Would you like to know how I do it?

Here My Exact Blueprint. Just Copy N Profit: Internet Marketing

Or Grab My Just Finished Marketing Report On: Article Marketing

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